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Innovation Snack 4: P&G Connect + Develop

13 Mar

Connect and Develop

It’s P&G´s version of open innovation: the practice of tapping externally developed intellectual property to accelerate internal innovation and sharing its internally developed assets and know-how to help others outside the Company.

Historically, P&G relied on internal capabilities and those of a network of trusted suppliers to invent, develop and deliver new products and services to the market. They did not actively seek to connect with potential external partners. Similarly, the P&G products, technologies and know-how we developed were used almost solely for the manufacture and sale of P&G’s own products. Beyond this, we seldom licensed them to other companies.

Times have changed, and the world is more connected. In the areas in which they do business, there are millions of scientists, engineers and other companies globally. Why not collaborate with them? We now embrace open innovation, and we call our approach “Connect + Develop.”

Today, open innovation at P&G works both ways — inbound and outbound — and encompasses everything from trademarks to packaging, marketing models to engineering, and business services to design. It’s so much more than technology.

How Does It Work?

Connect+Develop is a P&G innovation strategy. The idea of partnering externally to accelerate innovation is applied across the Company and around the world in all our work and with all of their brands.

Within P&G, they have a global team dedicated to empowering C+D, searching for innovations, working with prospective partners and shepherding breakthrough innovations through the Company and into market. That dedicated team is called Global Business Development.

What is P&G leadership saying about C+D?

Bob McDonald

“P&G’s strategy includes unrelenting focus on innovation. We want to partner with the best innovators everywhere… Connect + Develop is at the heart of how P&G innovates.”

Bob McDonald
Chairman of the Board,
President & Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Brown

“Connect + Develop has helped deliver some of P&G’s leading innovations, and is critical in helping us deliver on our renewed growth strategy moving forward. Connect + Develop has proven to be a winning strategy, with still more room for growth.”

Bruce Brown
Chief Technology Officer


Laura Becker“We want Connect + Develop to help deliver a dozen more Swiffer Dusters – really breakthrough innovations that change the marketplace, grow a category, and have consumers saying: ‘I need this product’.”

Laura Becker
General Manager Global Business Development and C+D


Implementing Ideas: Baby Steps

13 Mar


Written by 

Big, crazy, breakthrough ideas seem wonderful when you are dreaming them up, but frightening when it comes time to implement them. Fortunately, the field personal development has a technique that you can apply: personal development planning (PDP). Jeffrey Baumgartner explains how to implement this approach to your innovation process.

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Favorite Books: The Innovator´s Dllemma

24 Nov

In this revolutionary bestseller, innovation expert Clayton M. Christensen says outstanding companies can do everything right and still lose their market leadership—or worse, disappear altogether. And not only does he prove what he says, but he tells others how to avoid a similar fate.

Focusing on “disruptive technology,” Christensen shows why most companies miss out on new waves of innovation. Whether in electronics or retailing, a successful company with established products will get pushed aside unless managers know when to abandon traditional business practices. Using the lessons of successes and failures from leading companies, The Innovator’s Dilemmapresents a set of rules for capitalizing on the phenomenon of disruptive innovation.Image

Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson

15 Aug

Innovation Lab: Meet the Googlers

2 Aug

Special episode about Google: Get to know some of the secrets behind this innovation machine. Their thoughts, values, and strategies behind the challenge of winning the technology battle.

Design’s Role in Innovation

26 Jul


Design-led innovation is coming to be seen as one of the faster, more reliable and less risky ways of generating new ideas. Watch IDEO’s Paul Bennett, Professor Roberto Verganti and Design Council member Bonnie Dean explain design’s role in innovation

Product Innovation: Taking Touch Screen Interfaces Into A New Dimension

24 Jul

Tactus Technology is the developer of a new tactile user interface for touch-screen devices. Tactus provides a new dimension of user interface with a fundamentally unique solution: application-controlled, completely transparent physical buttons that rise up from the touch-screen surface on demand. The Tactus Tactile Layer™ panel provides a next-generation user interface with real physical buttons, guidelines, or shapes that rise out of the surface of a touchscreen on demand. The Tactile Layer component is a completely flat, transparent, dynamic layer that sits on top of the touch sensor and display. When triggered, this thin layer deforms and buttons or shapes of a specific height, size and firmness appear on the surface. Users can feel, press down and use these physical buttons just like they would use keys on a keyboard. When they are no longer needed, the buttons recede into the surface and become invisible.

The Tactus panel is the world’s first deformable tactile surface that creates dynamic, stable, physical buttons that users can actually see and feel, in advance of entering data into the device. Covered by more than 22 granted or pending patents, it uses innovative microfluidic technology to create physical buttons that rise and recede to give users the experience of interacting with physical buttons. It allows different pre-configured button arrays such as a QWERTY keyboard, to be raised or lowered. Not just limited to keyboards and on-screen buttons, the tactile technology can also be integrated off-screen, such as on the backside of a device or on a car door panel.